Big Data Marketplace

One-Stop shop for cross-sectorial data.

CPP data-marketplace is an Open Connected Vehicle Platform and Home Building that handles the brokering of brand-independent data from the different IoT devices allowing Data Consumers to create new B2B and B2C data-based products and services. CPP Data Marketplace offers a seamless and secure experience for sharing and monetizing datasets that comes directly from connected vehicles owners riding worldwide or devices in smart buildings to cross-sectorial Data Consumers interested in accessing to a harmonized vehicle and home datasets.

It offers a secure and privacy preserving experience when selling or buying sharing big data, by having the full control over your data shared, to whom and for what purposes.

CPP data-marketplace offers to cross-sectorial Data Consumers, the possibility to search for more than 200 sensor signals, display advance visualization representations (Histograms, Geo-Histograms, Time Series) and retrieve those datasets in a seamless experience thanks to the open SDK-API created.

CPP data-marketplace functionalities include:

  • A wide data catalogue and delivery of statistics for Service Providers.

  • Discovery service of requested data and identification of data owners.

  • Management of permissions (future smart contract provision service)

  • Secure and reliable end-to-end communication (from the cloud to the Service Providers).

  • Transactions accounting.

  • Enabled through an open interface.

CPP data marketplace also offers to cross-sectorial Data Consumers to combine, integrate and analyse all data at once – regardless of source, type, size, or format – to generate the insights needed to address a wide range of end-users and customers’ needs and transform them into new business opportunities in the era of Data Economy.


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