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Brno University of Technology


Brno University of Technology (BUT) is the second largest technical university in the Czech Republic. It comprises 8 faculties with more than 23,000 students and 3,000 staff members. The work described in this project will be carried out by the Knowledge Technology (KnoT) Research Group at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)

KnoT focuses on practical aspects of the current big data research, especially applications in areas of cyber-physical systems, intelligent buildings, smart cities, and the Internet of Everything, large-scale knowledge mining, multimodal and multilingual content processing, general machine learning techniques and their applications on massive datasets, hardware-accelerated computing, high-performance and cloud technologies, embedded intelligence and automatic semantic enrichment. The group is involved in international cooperation with more than 30 research and education centres in Europe, USA, India, and China. It has a strong support from leading industrial companies involved in the IT development (Honeywell, RedHat, IBM, Intel, Siemens, NVidia, Microsoft, etc.).

BUT is mainly responsible for data analytics tools and communication activities throughout the project, leading tools” and “Communication”. The team will support Siemens in the definition of the cross-sectorial services and contribute to other project activities.

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