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Meteologix AG

Innovation, Experience and Know-How

The Meteologix AG is one of four companies of the Kachelmann Group and responsible for the group’s business with companies and official authorities like government on all levels. It has been founded in 2014 one year after its mother company Kachelmann GmbH which is responsible for the B2C services, both companies are based in Switzerland. 

Their founder Joerg Kachelmann, born 1958, started to be a professional meteorologist in 1983 when a Swiss newspaper started to have an entire page dedicated to the weather. In 1990 his first company Meteomedia with seat in Switzerland was founded, followed by more companies in other countries.

Considering the rapid development in modern technology Meteologix AG is setting a big accent on research and product development on a global scale. The Meteologix AG has subsequently developed a series of innovative meteorological products that setting new standards in the weather market. 

Besides its global approach the Meteologix AG strives to develop products that can easily integrated in smart technology of all kind, e.g. Smart Homes, Smart cars to invent innovative services that create added value.

Expertise in the development of weather forecast systems: 

The Meteologix 1x1km weather model

Cloud cover forecast of Super Typhoon Nok-Ten over the Philippines:


GFS (~28km) US model


Swiss Super HD (~1km)

The Meteologix AG is developing based on the Swiss Super HD a city-scale weather model for the Cross-CPP project, that will allow better data ingestion of "foreign" data into the model system and will be of unprecedented granularity. 


Other developments of the Meteologix AG include:

  • Stormtracking

  • Aquaplaning Warning

  • Flash-Flood Warning

  • Calibrated Radar Precipitation Sums

  • Rotation-Tracking (Tornado Warning) 

  • Live weather Analysis

  • Live Hail Analysis

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