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AGORA Marketplace presented in Atos Research and Innovation (ARI) Digital Show

Cross-CPP presentation made by Germán Herrero, Head of Transport Sector in Atos Research and Innovation

Atos Research & Innovation Digital Show, is a yearly event organized by the R & D department of Atos Spain that seeks to publicize some of the innovations and solutions developed through research projects funded by the European Commission for different sectors with the use of various advanced technologies.

Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) is the center for research and development of new technologies and a key reference for the entire Atos group. Thanks to its extensive experience in research, development and innovation projects, ARI is able to provide new solutions and innovative elements to the clients’ business.

In this 2nd Edition, ARI’s most mature projects, solutions, and use cases haven been showcased: Citytraffic, SMBS, Service DUOS, sPEIDI, AutoMat and Cross-CPP AGORA Data MarketPlace, ElasTest, EO4wildlife, and VICINITY. The objective of the presenting AGORA data markeplace is to showcase the technological and business value impact behind the data marketplace to broker and consuming datasets for data-driven services creation. It has been developed within the context of AutoMat, with an initial focus on collecting and trading connected vehicle data, and Cross-CPP as the natural evolution of the platform to extend into a cross-industry scope by ingesting cross-Cyber Physical Products data sources to explore the potential of sharing and aggregating data from different verticals, specially in this case by collecting data from Home Systems and Intelligent Building data sources.

Check some of the photos taken during the event in Madrid on November 27th @BTIC Auditorium, in Paseo Doce Estrellas 2, Madrid:

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