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Cross-CPP present at the European Big Data Value Forum 3.-5. November 2020 in Berlin

Cross-CPP will be present at this year's European Big Data Value Forum with a virtual booth and a dedicated online session, on the 3rd November, starting at 3:30 pm local time.

The following speakers will be featured:

  • Hannes Münzner (Parallel session chair) CROSS-CPP

  • Christian Wolff (Speaker) ATB

  • Víctor Corral (Speaker) Innovation Project Manager, ATOS

  • Joerg Kachelmann (Speaker) Meteologix

  • Daniel Zelenka (Speaker) Project Manager, Siemens

Find below the official announcement of the session from the agenda (, which can be found as a whole at

This session will present  the successful journey and services created by using Cross-CPP integrated data marketplace and the Volkswagen Business Case within the Cross-CPP project.

Furthermore, the session will focus on the challenges faced in gathering, processing and making use of Cyber Physical Products (CPP) data to create data-driven services for connected vehicles. The session will also cover the improvements achieved by using the Cross-CPP data marketplace for managing data-exchange over project lifetime. Finally, the speaker will share some lessons learned and best practices collected during the set-up, operation and demonstration stages, undertaken to create their challenging Weather Forecast Routing Service.  

The objectives of this session are the following:

  • Explain the business/technical/legal (GDPR)/and data provision challenges that VW and Industrial Partners have experienced and solved during the project lifetime.

  • Present the benefits by making use of a brand-independent data-platform (Cross-CPP Cloud Storage and Big Data Marketplace) and data model (Common Industrial Data Model).

  • Picture how services have been developed by using cross-sectorial data streams, enabling to utilize up to now unused business potential in the future for the connected vehicle industry.

  • The innovation potential that Industrial partners share and trade-off data with third parties.

We are really looking forward to your participation in this great event! All are welcome to join the life stream! Just follow the link here:

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