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Future Siemens E-charger Services Enabled by Cross-CPP

Siemens service scenario is related to e-mobility which is of a great business interest today. Our desired service is built on data exchange between vehicles and buildings. It provides end-users (vehicle drivers) most suitable e-chargers according to their needs and building capabilities.

The idea of this service is to send simple information about the presence of a charging station inside a building or outside (public parking lots, airports, hospitals) to the vehicle

Using real-time data in the communication with a car/building about the occupancy of e-charges in a way that the vehicle would send out its own information about its capacity of the battery. This together with its current position and speed could possibly calculate the time of arrival and to reserve an e-charger for this specific car. Within the scope of the project, such a reservation will be done manually by the vehicle driver via the application.

Besides the actual connection to the socket and battery status of the car, there is also considered the energy performance of the building. It is not possible to unlimitedly charge vehicles without considering own power consumption of the building, expected power load or input power.

Energy outcome has to be decentralized in order to sufficiently satisfy multiple users. We have to avoid the situation that on the one hand customer fully charges the vehicle and on top is blocking the socket for other users and on the other hand there is not enough energy to charge rest of the customers. Energy has to be divided accordingly and energy flow controlled systematically.

Putting together vehicle information and requirements, energy will be distributed based on a scheme chosen by the service provider (first comes, first serves – charges vs. fair distribution to those in need – 2% battery left take precedence over 80% charged, etc.)

Indication about finishing the charging will be available in the marketplace coming from vehicle based on its movement and as well there will be information from the building, that the e-charger is unplugged.

After evaluation of this other and requisite, e-charger will be again considered for next customer as available.

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