Build innovative services upon cross-sectorial data streams
Image by Sam Schooler

Weather Services


Weather is important for all of us:  For our  work, transportation, our activity and leisure time plans - even for our mood. Accurate and reliable weather forecasts are thus a basic need for many companies and industries like Energy providers, logistics and even retail.

Image by Inge Maria

Real Time Weather Warning & Navigation Service


Could you imagine that your vehicle could predict the weather for others? Or at least contribute to making weather forecasts? While you are on the road in your Volkswagen, your vehicle provides you with a range of information: For example, it shows you the outside temperature and a sensor calculates the amount of rainfall to adjust the windscreen wipers accordingly. If necessary, the electronic stabilisation program (ESP) may warn you.

E-Mobility Service


Connecting the charging infrastructure of buildings and vehicles: this service aims to provide smart charging services for E-vehicle drivers with respect to energy balance, using different types of data available on the Big Data Marketplace