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Get access to a great spectrum of sensor data from smart products
Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui

Ecosystem Concept

How Cross-CPP enables the creation of innovative services

In contrast to today's sporadic proprietary CPP ecosystems, which are in most cases restricted to CPP manufacturer specific services and which are not open for third parties interested in these CPP data, the Cross-CPP project focuses on what CPP and their sensor data can bring to the outside world. Therefore, as key challenges, Cross-CPP has to overcome several obstacles by establishing a CPP Big Data Ecosystem.

Image by Clint Adair

Common Industrial Data Model (CIDM)

One model for all

The Common Industrial Data Model (CIDM) is an open and highly scalable big data format, designed to harmonize IoT proprietary data into generic datasets.

Image by v2osk

Big Data Marketplace

One-stop shop of brand-independant data

The CPP data marketplace is an Open Connected Vehicle Platform and Home Building that handles the brokering of brand-independent data from the different IoT devices allowing Data Consumers to create new B2B and B2C data-based products and services.

Image by Jordan Harrison

Cloud Storage

A safe place for your data

The CPP Cloud Storage is a cloud-based data storage infrastructure that offers secure and private data vaults to data providers, to store their devices data packages in the Common Industrial Data Model format.

Image by Carlos Muza

Analytics Toolbox

Find the data you really need

The Analytics Toolbox simplifies the extraction of the latter, by providing a set of libraries and modules designed to satisfy most data-related needs, and based on the most recent concepts and algorithms developed by the scientific community.

Image by James Sutton

Context Sensitive Security Framework

How we protect your personal data

The Context Sensitive Security Framework ensures that specific security policies are enforced so that access to data, as well as objects/services are protected and that access requests flow through the required mechanisms to determine whether access should be granted according to established security policies

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