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Cleverly combined

Avoid the snowstorm: The Cross-CPP project paves the way for new apps and services.

The future of mobility is our great passion. We want to enable you to experience it and – even more importantly – make it usable. The Cross-CPP project will pave the way for many new apps and services.

For example, could you imagine that your vehicle could predict the weather for others? Or at least contribute to making weather forecasts? While you are on the road in your Volkswagen, your vehicle provides you with a range of information: For example, it shows you the outside temperature and a sensor calculates the amount of rainfall to adjust the windscreen wipers accordingly. If necessary, the electronic stabilisation program (ESP) may warn you.

This data is useful, but it can become even more useful when it is combined with the data from other vehicles:

With this data, we can create forecasts for your planned trips. If data from other vehicles indicates potential hazards, the system can even suggest an alternative route. A true milestone on the road to autonomous driving!

Sounds handy? This is how an application based on the Cross-CPP* project, which is supported by the EU, could look like: The project connects data from different industries. Siemens is one of the companies, alongside Volkswagen, that participates in this research project and provides information in the fields of building automation and charging infrastructure.

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