Our Objectives

"Key mission of Cross-CPP is to create a single point of access to data streams from multiple smart products"


✓  Driven by the needs of Data Owners, Data Providers and Data Customers

✓  Brand independent, open platform with standardized interface  Highly attractive for Service 


  Linking CPP data from different sectors enables higher quality content and new services world

  Economical solution for all value chain partners, due to a greater amount of data customers

  Data Providers can profit from Innovation Potentials by thousands of external experts

User Engagement

   Empowers CPP owners to exploit their most valuable asset in the Internet of Things – their CPP


  The owner can fully control which data he provides to which Service Provider

Explore our Ecosystem

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Key features of Cross-CPP

  Standardized Cross Industrial Data Model

  • flexible enough to incorporate CPP data coming from various industrial sectors and to further extend it to future upcoming needs by both, Data Providers and Data Customers

✓  CPP Big Data Marketplace with Analytics Toolbox

  • One-Stop-Shop” CPP Big Data Marketplace will provide Service Providers a single point of access to data streams from multiple mass products, including a data analytics toolbox, which will provide easy to use big data analytic functionalities for Service Providers

  Cross Industrial Services

  • Cross industrial data streams represent new information resources enabling new and innovative business ideas. In the scope of the Cross-CPP project, the consortium partners will develop several innovative cross-sectorial services