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A smart building needs smart weather!

Homes and buildings operated by smart services and smart devices is a growing market and holds the potential to heightened energy efficiency and and enhancement of comfort for the people living in it.

Within Cross-CPP building operators will have the opportunity to offer their live building weather observations through the Cross-CPP Marketplace enabling service providers to use them to enhance their own services.

There are several projects that aim to build self-sufficient cities using solar panels or wind energy to power their buildings. Besides that, lots of buildings rely on weather forecasts to operate and control their buildings services like e.g. window blinds. Solutions like these are highly dependent on the environment and the accurate predictability of weather parameters like sunshine duration, wind, precipitation or temperature. Deviations from the forecast to the reality quickly accumulate and become costly errors.

Within Cross-CPP we have tested and refined a smart building weather forecast that uses the weather observation measured on top of the building to learn how the weather plays out at this specific location compared to the forecast.

After at least one year of gathering the buildings’ weather data, we can then correct the common weather forecast for the measured on-site specifics and characteristics. This circle is continuously repeated and refined leading to better and more accurate weather forecasts for this specific building, reducing the error from forecast to measured reality to under 10%. The resulting forecast makes energy consumption and energy creation predictable and plannable.

Synergies like that will shape the future: as our world becomes more connected, services depend on each other to evolve. Smart building weather forecasts are just one example.

Next time, we will talk a little more about our new UltraHD that we developed with Cross-CPP!

Thanks for reading!

Your Meteologix Team :)

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