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Open Expo Europe 2020

On 19th June 2020, Atos Research and Innovation (ARI) took part of Open Expo Europe 2020, represented by Clara Pezuela, Head of Innovation Hub, the catalyst of ARI Team to turn R&D developments into business-oriented solutions for Atos customer challenges and needs.

In this virtual live session about “Intelligent and open platforms for digital transformation”, Clara Pezuela explains to 60-70 attendants the portfolio of in-house -platforms- which acts as enablers of Digital Transformation for those organisations which consider Data -at the heart- of their business. ARI portfolio relies on three-main solutions; AGORA (Cross-CPP Data marketplace), Urban Data platform and FUSE.

During the webinar, Clara Pezuela identifies how these solutions are mapping within the categories of platforms; Vertical Platforms, Data Platforms and IoT Platforms. The photo shows how AGORA (Cross-CPP data marketplace) is categorised as a Data Platform and considered as a Vertical platform from multiple industries. This confers to AGORA the possibility to deals with Vertical Markets (Energy, Health, Manufacturing, etc.), as well, enabling to other cross-industries to take the advantage of access to hundreds of harmonized datasets in a seamless and unified way.

Finally, the session ends with a set of Q&As where attendants shows much interest in the set of solutions presented, and how Atos is exploring and validating it within their customer networks. The fact is that all those solutions are already part of the internal company portfolio which represents a closer step to real commercial markets and for AGORA an opportunity to continuously growth.

“Trust your data company treasures with AGORA”


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